The Circular Economy Collage 

Fun, pedagogical and creative, a collective workshop to understand our world and design our future !

Inspired by The Climate Fresk, a very successful initiative to educate people and companies on the challenges posed by climate deregulations. By scanning our current linear system, we realize its limits and understand the urgent need to act toward a more virtuous model, sober in ressources, avoiding waste, and enabling a sustainable future.

How does the workshop works ? 

In small groups, with a set of cards highlighting key facts, and through exchanges, participants gain a systemic view of our current system. Then, they collaborate to decipher needed actions to shift away from our consumption economic model. A trained facilitator guides the team, bring its expertise and ensure smooth communication.


Understand the limits of our linear system


Discuss, share knowledge, experiences, and reactions with your workshop partners

Circularize ! 

Transform our linear model thanks to the ‘circular cards’

Is landfill a marginal waste treatment process in Europe ?

How can we value organic waste ? 

What material is the most used in the world ?

How many types of metals are there in your cell phone?
They trusted us ...

For whom ? 

Companies, municipalities, students, project teams, the Circular Economy collage is adapted for everyone, whatever the level of previous knowledge.

Why and what for ? 

Whether you wish to train people or launch a ESG project, this collective workshop enables to align awareness, unite a team and trigger appetite for concrete change actions.

When ? 

Awareness /Education Projects Kick Off (ESG, circular economy,…), Team building


We offer dedicated workshops to fit your requirements with tailor-made support.

Want to know more about us ? 

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