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lun. 06 mars



Circular Economy Collage Online

Let's Discover the Circular Economy Collage. A fun and educational workshop using collective intelligence to explain and inspire. You will receive all the information to attend, few days before the event.

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Heure et lieu

06 mars 2023, 16:30 – 19:30



À propos de l'événement

Participate in a Circular Economy workshop to better understand the issues related to the use of natural resources

What are the resources in tension? What impacts does our consumption generate?

How can I contribute in my daily life? How can companies evolve their models?

Are you curious to find out the answers and learn more about climate change, biodiversity loss, resource scarcity or pollution generated by human activities and do you want to take action? Come and take part in a workshop of the Circular Economy challenge to learn more, and find concrete courses of action!

About the workshop

The Circular Economy Challenge is a collective, playful and scientific intelligence workshop, to grasp the limits of the linear economy and understand the opportunities offered by the circular economy. Inspired by the Climate Fresk, this workshop will allow you to understand the issues related to the use of resources and waste management as well as the impacts induced by human activities. The online workshop lasts 3 hours and takes place in groups of 6/7 people with 1 facilitator.

Although the Circular Economy workshop is for everyone; general public, companies, communities and schools, whatever your level of knowledge, this workshop in particular is intended for the general public. Tolerance concerning people from a company: 1 person per workshop/company.

What it can bring you

After having deepened the limits of the linear production-consumption system, come and discover more virtuous models, saving natural resources and producing less waste which allow us to "circularize" our system!

If you are unemployed or a student, you can apply the code "REDUIT" to benefit from a place at a reduced rate.


  • Place standard

    Si vous êtes chômeur ou étudiant, vous pouvez appliquer le code "REDUIT" pour bénéficier d'une place à tarif réduit.

    15,00 €

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